Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, to you!

The only thing that could make this Friday better would be if I wasn't sitting at work staring at my completed to-do list, watching 5 o'clock never come.  I really should have been a school teacher, for more than the scented markers and spring break, but you have to admit that is a perk.  

I will say that I have been much more positive today than I normally would be.  My whole new "be positive" self is already starting to work for the best!  

On that note:

Dear Spring time,
There you are!  I have missed your warm embrace!  Welcome.  Please never leave me again

Dear Camera,
Get ready to be used a lot this weekend!

Dear Husband,
Okay, fine.  You won the Easter basket argument.  I made  you one on Wednesday.  I just need to warn you that it is actually an Easter bag, not a basket.  I refuse to pay seven bucks for something that I am going to want to throw away the following day.  Also, I had a very difficult time finding anything age appropriate for your Easter basket bag.  Most things at Target had Lightning McQueen or Hello Kitty on it.  Thus proving my point that adults shouldn't exchange Easter baskets.  But whatever.

 Dear John Sylvan (inventor of the Keurig),
Thank you for your invention.  You are a god among men.  I am forever indebted to you.  I do have one question though.  Back in 1997 when you ended up hospitalized for caffeine poising, did it ever cross your mind to just switch to decaf?

Dear Doughnut(s).
GET IN MY BELLEH!  That is all.

Happy Friday to you all!  Have a wonderful Easter with people that make you happy! 


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