Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Blessings

I have always been a big advocate for counting your blessings.  Especially when you feel like you are ready to toss in the towel.  Even if you find your self broke down on the side of the highway, with no cell phone (because you left it in your dorm room), abut two hours from where you were coming from, and an hour from where you are going, counting your blessing can totally put things in perspective.  

That is a true story that I will tell you at some point.  But today, I am going to count my blessings for this week with Katiy at (Bee)autiful Blessings.  

Firstly, my husband.  He has been such a huge blessing to me this past week.  More than once I have come home from a crazy day at work, and the house is clean and dinner is ready or on it's way to being ready.  I am so thankful I married that man.  He can make me smile at the drop of a hat. :)

New Church
After almost 6 months of (kind of ) looking for a new church, we think we may have found it.  I felt so comfortable there, and loved that the message was packed full of scripture over opinion.  We also went to coffee after with some other members and we had an enjoyable conversation for about 2 hours.  I love good fellowship, and I am happy to make some friends that are in the same stage of life that we are.  Dean is a little apprehensive to flat out say "this is the one", but I have a feeling Grace Road Church will be seeing a lot more of the Gootee's.  

A Clean House
I know it sounds a little OCD, but I am so thankful that my house has been in order most of the week,  When you live in a shoe box, it can seem even more cramped when it is messy.  My whole life seems to be more orderly when my house is clean.  Coincidence?  Probably, but I am thankful, nonetheless

What has belssed you this past week? Link up with Kaity and let us know!

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