Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yeah, I am just a hot mess over here

I have been trying to write a post about the really unusual way I met my husband's extended family but, it's just not coming out.  It's a really good story too, well, minus that fact that it involves a death in the family (sorta).

I keep getting distracted and going on major bunny trails. Then I thought I would just post that I hopped on the BlogLovin' boat (which is true), but I don't understand some of it still and I don't have the patients to figure it out right now.  I just don't understand what is wrong with me today.  I know I did a post like this not to long ago, but this is all that is in my head today.  Sorry (not really). 

Like nude nail polish?  Why would you bother painting your nails if they are going to look unpainted?  I am sure there is some fashionable explanation to this but, I just don't understand.

I really don't understand half of the people I work with.  This one girl told me we were out of coffee cups.  I told her there were more (like two grosses, or gross, or what ever term is proper) in the bathroom closet.  She came back with one cup for herself.  Really?  Or how about the lunch room conversation I walked in on?  I won't go into details because they were talking about bodily fluids found in the bathroom.  While people were trying to eat their lunch.  Oh and  I really don't understand is the individual who used to sit next to me.  This person (let's call them African Queen or AQ for short because there are bound to be more stories) has a bad habit of cluttering the work area they are given.  It annoys me because it stretches into my spot.  Or well it did until AQ's work space was moved. Can some one explain to me why you need skis, golf clubs, an extra computer, and a Christmas snowman on your desk in March?  I really don't understand that!
I don't understand this weather.  I know I am not the only one.  I know that I live in Rochester and I should plan for snow on Easter, but I don't understand why yesterday was the first day of spring and I saw geese flying south.  That is simply upsetting.

I am still trying to figure out if I am an extravert with introvert tendencies or a introvert with extroverted tendencies.  I am pretty sure it is the latter.

What I don't understand more than anything today is: Why am I still awake!?! Why is there no cupcake in my mouth? and why on earth is my coffee cup empty?  Seriously, these issues need to be addressed!

Something I did understand today:  It  is a bad idea to post a picture of me right now.  Hot mess doesn't even cover it. Whew!  Glad I caught that one!

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  1. haha! I have these I don't understand days all the time!