Monday, March 11, 2013

What happen to the weekend?!?

Can some one explain to me how it is already Monday?  And Monday afternoon at that.  I no sooner put on Pj pants and turn on an episode of The Wonder Years and BAM! It's Monday.   Let me just tell you, my weekend did not go as planned At. All. and I am still trying to not be disappointed about that.

I was off my game pretty much all day.  I got a pounding headache as soon as walked into my cubical and it didn't go away until after lunch.  When it finally did leave, nausea came and took it's place.   That's when it clicked and I realized I had a migraine.  I suffered through the rest of the work day popping some Advil every 4 hours and was out the door at 5 sharp!  I hit about 7 or so stop lights on my drive home, I puked at 3 of them.  I rested while Dean went to a friends house to do laundry, meaning I didn't see him for more than a half hour on Friday.  That makes for a sad wife.

I slept in way later than I had planned, but I was sick so I don't feel guilty.  Dean finished the laundry and then came home to sleep.  I forced myself to put real people clothes on and buy food for the week.  I was able to drive to grocery store with the windows down and than made me smile.  I am so ready for winter to be gone!  When I got home Dean was up, so we cleaned the house and vegged for a bit.  Next thing I know we are having one of the most serious conversations of our marriage thus far.  I won't go into too many details (at least not at this point), but suffice to say we both were a little shaken and decided that we needed some quality  time on Sunday.  We made plans to go to breakfast before church and then Dean would take a short nap before heading to a couples game night.

Well our plans for breakfast didn't work out for a few reasons.  For one, I didn't set my alarm clock correctly thanks to the stupid time change.  Also, Dean wasn't back from work when I did wake up an hour later (the time we should have been leaving)  I checked my phone to discover that he was stuck at work because his shift release never showed up.  The poor guy ended up working from 10pm to 11:30 am.  I have no clue how he manages over nights.  He still wanted to go to the game night (mainly cause we had the group game every one decided on).  So he managed with only two and a half ours of sleep.  The game group went much longer than planned meaning our "quality time" was the 10 min car ride there and back.   I was so disappointed, but I am learning to let it go.  No one has anything planned for this evening, so I have him to myself!

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