Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Well hello there Friday, nice to see you again.  I have to say, you certainly did sneak up on me this week.  Don't get me wrong, I am happy you're here, but man did you get here fast.

Dear phelebotomists at Strong Hospital,
You normally very good at what you do, however, this week was rough.  I understand that I can be a hard draw, but plese, 7 pokes is a little too much.  Please be more kind to me when I see you on Monday.  Thanks.

Dear Rochester Weather, 
I understand that I live in upstate NY, so it will snow a lot.  However, this week long snow/rain slush fest is getting old.  I want to get a pedicure and I cannot justify the cost if my feet will be in boots for a long while.  I would appreciate a dry warm day soon.

Dear neglected camera and photography projects,
I am sorry I left you on the way side.  February got away from me.  I will pick you back up this weekend.  I promise!  Don't hate me please. 

Dear awesome husband of mine,
You have been super sweet to me lately.  All week long I have come home to a clean house and dinner ready.  And you tell me I am pretty, even in bunny Pjs.


Yes, this happen, yes I am at work.  It was PJ day for Wacky Wednesday.


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