Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I have a serious question for you guys...

Should I pay for a blog design or not?!  

See, I am a lover of all things pretty and I am a bit of a neat freak just don't look in my car.  So when I see my own "home made" blog design (if you can even venture to call it a design) I cannot help but feel like I am missing something.  

BUT, I am also extremely cheap frugal.  After doing some shopping around I have discovered that I will be spending about $50 plus of my hard earned money.  I have a hard time spending that for a fancy dress let a lone a blog design.  But, I am so unsatisfied with what I have.

So I am torn, I do believe in making good investments.  I will spend more on something if it adds to my life.  What's a girl to do?  I mean in the grand scheme of things $50 isn't that bad.  But then again, that is half our weekly grocery budget.  Dean says "if it makes you happy do it" (he says that about a lot of things, he's a keeper). 

I have made pro-con lists and they always even out.  If I do any more window shopping I will lose my mind.  So friends, tell me what I should do!  And if you have any suggestions on designers, or know of any great deals, I would be your best friend!


  1. Hey girlie . You should check out my so-called chaos. She is the one that re did our blogs design. She asks what you want and makes it come to life!

  2. I had Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries do my design & loved her. It was $70, but well worth it. I really feel like it makes people take you more seriously when they click through & see something polished. My friend Taylor just started doing design & it may be cheaper - she blogs at Confessions of a Busy Busy Bee

  3. Oh well well well I know of someone who designs blogs and her name is ME so obviously I say it's worth it to have a pretty one that you love!

    But you should check out Love, Fun and Football because hers are only $30 and she does a great job!

  4. Personally I would never ever spend money on a design, but I know you can find cute and CHEAP templates on Etsy. That's what I would do if I ever paid for one. But it's not quite as customized that way. It's up to you!

  5. I did get a professional blog design after I'd been blogging for a while--because I know for sure this is something I want to stick with as a mini-career and I want to (and already have) made money off of blogging.
    I think Angi will do blog designs for $30--and I like her work! If I ever change mine, I'll probably get her to do it. Here's her link: