Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Husband bragging

I don't like being overly emotional or mushy about my husband.  I love him, of course, but it is just not my thing to brag about him in every other post.  But today I must.

Not only did he have dinner ready when I got home, the kitchen was clean as well!  Then he suggested that we get out there and enjoy the spring like weather (yes, 42 is spring like in Rochester).  So, we walked down one of my favorite streets in the city and got some frozen yogurt. On the way back we ducked into one of the charming little shops. He even bought me a new mug.

Chicken purse anyone?

Who else read the Roger Hargreaves books when they were younger?

You are now entering Laughter Land
By order of the King

And then, the best thing of all, he redesigned my blog for me!  I was complaining that I was frustrated with the header I had and that I was half tempted to pay for a designer to do it for me.  He says "show me what you like and I will see if I can help"  So I did, and now I LOVE what I have (both the husband and the blog).

I love happy nights. ♥

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  1. Way to GO HUBBY! Your header looks AMAZING!I like the simplicity (Not to busy) and the COLORS!