Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's just one of those days... or maybe weeks

Have you have had one of those days where you get off to a great start, nothing can stop you, then BOOM! You hit a brick wall and almost nothing can motivate you?  Welcome to my Tuesday... and Monday for that matter.  Hopefully, Wednesday will  be better.   

This month I signed up for my first ever Cara Box exchange.  If you have never heard of it you should totally check it out!  Like, right now.  I got my matches last night and let me tell you, I am pretty excited to get to know such awesome ladies!   Kayla over at Green Mountain Couple and I have already determined that we have a lot in common, I am looking forward to getting to know her more.  I am also really excited to learn about my namesake Katie at A Heart Consumed.  Just a quick glance through her blog and you can tell she is crazy passionate about Jesus.  And if you can't get excited about that, what CAN you get excited for?

As a way to get to know me better, Kayla asked me to name a few of my favorite things that start with the letter K (to go with this month's box theme).  I had such fun writing the list, that I thought I would share it with you.  (and add a bit too)

My kittens are pretty awesome.  Pip and Wimpy  (my husband named Wimpy, I would have been more kind)

Kisses (of the Hershey variety and filled with Carmel)  are always a good stand by.  Karaoke nights make me giddy, even if I do not participate cause I am super chicken.  
Ok, I have a confession.... I am actually really bad at thinking of things that start with K.  So I did a google search for "nouns that start with the letter K"  here are some things that caught my attention:
keys  (I love key jewelry I think it's a neat concept)
Kids (I love kids, and I am really good with them.  I was told once that I should have been a host of a children's TV show.  Kinda like Steve on Blue's Clues minus the arrest for drug possession)
Kites (when I was younger, my mom and I would fly kites every weekend, some of my best memories are of kite flying)

Kewi (cause... yum!  Who Dosen't like Kewi?)

Koalas (They are a pretty awesome marsupial.  Did you know that koalas have their own built-in cushion! The fur on a koala's bottom is extra thick so that the koala can comfortably rest in trees.)
knockwurst - Just kidding!!  It made me giggle so I had to add it to the list

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