Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How I got a $6 nose job

Yup it's true, I had a nose job.  But not in the Ashlee Simpson kind of way.  Sadly, it's much more painful than that.  It was actually a reconstructive surgery because I broke my face.  Yup, my face.  My nose was broken in 6 places, I fractured my left cheek bone and needed 5 stitches between my left eye and nose.  

How you ask?  I tripped in a crack in the side walk.  Yup, I am the world's biggest klutz.  I was at a  Superbowl  party (it was for my former youth group so, I was completely sober).  I needed to use the rest room so, I left the heated garage and "scurried" my way across the walkway. Except, well... I didn't make it all the way.  I tripped and just so happen to be at the perfect angle to smack my head on the cement porch step.   Next thing I know, I am in the back seat of my friends car while my other friend is holding a paper towel to my bleeding head.  Three days later I had reconstructive surgery.  My insurance covered all but a $6 co-pay for the follow up visit.   Most people that I meet now, have no clue my face once looked like ground beef.  I am going to show you a few photos, so if you are squeamish, look away at the second one.(consider your self warned)

This was all I could find of me before.  Classic MySpace photo.

Yes, I look stoned.  this was less than 24 hours after I broke my face.  I had a lot of pain killers in my system.

Cuddles from the best dog in the world will make any one happy.  Even if you have a cast on your face. 

And that is the story of how I got a $6 nose job, alternative title; "proof that I am the world's biggest klutz"

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