Monday, April 1, 2013

Social Media. It's a love hate thing.

So, I left my phone at work today.  Because, ya know, that's the cool thing to do.  I actually have a bad habit if misplacing my phone.  As you would expect, I feel slightly lost with out it, but this technology bare night has really made me think about social media.  Mainly, how much I dislike it.  

When I first started college, way back in 2004 (really?! 9 years!?), before the Motorola Razor phone was the hottest thing on the market, I hated cell phones.  Hated them.  I would actually walk away from people in the middle of a conversation if they checked their phone more than listening to me.  I hated texting.  I felt like if you wanted to talk to me you would call me, or make the effort to find me. As my life advanced along with technology, my attitude changed. Eventually I caved and got an iPhone.  The first app I downloaded was Facebook.  Eventually I had them all.  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, ect.  

But lately, I have come to resent social media and I have considered deleting my Facebook account.  The internet has just become so... loud.  People screaming about same sex marriage, animal rights, or abortion.  It's like being surrounded by individuals on soap boxes with mega phones and there is no way out.  Don't get me wrong, it's good to be informed, and have an opinion on such things, but I already have my own opinion, your cute little meme won't be what changes my mind. 

Not to mention it affects my life when I am offline.  Since when did going out for coffee with friends consist of getting the wifi password and liking "so-and-so checked you into Starbucks" instead of actually talking to them?  I'll admit, have been guilty of this.  Who hasn't? But please, put value in the relationship you have right in front of you.  Dean and I have come up with a safe word if we think the other person is making their phone their first priority just because of this. 

Also, false information spreads like wildfire!  remember the "deadly spider" on the toilets in Florida?  Or the poisoned soda cans that gave some one listeria?  Or, my personal favorite, the "for every like we will donate $10".  Seriously, when did people become so naive?  Check out snopes, it's not that hard.

All of these things are little annoyances of social media that have irked every one at some point.  This list could be longer.  The people that use hash tags on Facebook, or hash tag every word, the over shares and the "vague bookers", pictures of every meal or outfit, are only a few examples.  But the biggest harm caused by social media I have noticed is comparison. All of a sudden, you find yourself wondering why your life isn't as fun and fabulous as those of your friends. Whenever you check Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, or Instagram, they've uploaded photos of themselves at a party having the time of their lives while you… are still in your pajamas at three in the afternoon on a Saturday (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Anyway, that's my two cents (more like five bucks) on social media.  I have decided to keep my Facebook account for now.  I have friends all over the world right now.  Social Media is good for keeping up with them.  

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