Monday, August 19, 2013

I Kissed A Boy and.... Got Mono

Ok, So that's a lie.  I haven't kissed anyone but my husband.  I did however end up with mono.  Hence my two weeks of silence.  And you all thought I was just a loser.  I'm not really sure how I ended up with mono, I don't remember coming in contact with anyone that has had it, but here I am.  Two weeks later with just enough strength to write a post.  After being as sick as I was last year, I am ready to be healthy now.

I was venting my frustrations with being sick for a year to my best friend, Crystal. She always reminds me that there is a positive side to everything, all you have to do is look for it.  When we were in high school, she kept a journal for a full year of the new thing that she learned each day.  So, in honor of Crystal, I thought about the things I learned while I was sick... it's not much, but I guess it's still positive...right?

ONE.  We discovered a puppy play group not far from our house.   Last Thursday Faust was driving me nuts so I sucked it up and took him for a walk.  I took a different, shorter, route than I normally do and discovered the goldmine that is puppy time.  I was able to sit my sick butt on a park bench while Faust did laps with all his canine friends.  I was pretty darn pleased with this discovery, and it has become a daily routine.  Easier for me and more exercise for him = happy Katie.

TWO.  Walmart pharmacy delivers!  Hello!  Is this not genius?!? Admittedly I hate Walmart, and usually avoid it at all costs.  However, the pharmacy I normally get my scripts filled, did not have the correct dosage in stock.  So as I was calling around, I found out they will deliver within a 15 mile radius.  I live 14.8 miles away.  Phew!

THREE.  Egg drop soup feels amazing on sore and swollen tonsils.  Since I have been down for the count, Dean has been scrambling to find his own meals.  This means a lot of take out food.  Since I could hardly swallow water at first, I asked for soup.... for four days in a row...

FOUR. Netflix pretty much stinks.  Yes, I said it.  I am seriously thinking of switching to HuLu Plus.  It has more show selections, and I don't have to upgrade to watch more of their  selection.

FIVE.  The internet is boring when you don't blog.  I have nothing to look for or check up on. That's right, I missed you guys!


  1. Man, good thing you're finally starting to feel better! Thankfully, I've never experienced mono first hand, but I've heard it's no fun at all. And I totally agree with you on Netflix--their selection seems really weird and quite limited! We're canceling this month.

  2. I am so happy you are feeling better. Hulu Plus is GREAT, the only reason we stopped using it because we got cable. Puppy play-dates are amazing, lets puppies get rid of extra energy...

  3. oh, hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Yikes, feel better! I had mono in middle school and it SUCKED. And I totally agree with you on Netflix :(