Thursday, January 10, 2013

Texts From the Abyss

As most of you know, my husband and I had a long distance relationship up until about 4 months before our wedding. Long distance sucked, to say the least.  However, in the beginning of our relationship it was actually helpful.  It forced us to take things slow and to actually focus on the non-physical aspect of our relationship (which is a whole different blog post entirely).

 Obviously, we sent each other text messages non-stop.  Often times I would send him about 7 messages before he would return mine.  This was mostly because he worked overnights and was sleeping, but it also may have had something to do with the ridiculousness of the texts I sent him. 

About a week ago, I switched iPhones.  Somehow in that process, I lost about a year's worth of text history.  That didn't bother me much at all.  In fact, I was actually pretty pumped about it when I discovered I could read some of the text conversations between Dean and I from a year ago.  I was laughing hysterically reading some of them last night.  These may only be interesting to me, because they have to do with my life.  Maybe I am an over-sharer, but here are some for you to read anyway:

"okay, I would  be willing to get a cat under one condition.  A) we have to get two and B) we name one Earl and the other Gray.  Ya know like the tea!"

"I want to go to a store an just unbutton all of the coats.  I feel like that would be fun"

"Amazon is like online Walmart."
"is there an online Target yet?"
"Nope, but if there was it would smell bad"
"You can't smell the internet."
"you could smell this internet"

"my tongue hurts.  I bit it this morning eating an orange.  It was a blood orange.  I laughed at the irony"

I love being married to Dean now.  However, I will cherish that time in our relationship as well.   Being away from him forced me to focus on what we did have control over.  Conversations were much more meaningful, and I learned not to take my time with him for granted. It's what shaped us and made us the couple that we are now.  I am thankful for that time, even if I handed the man at the toll both a few tear soaked dollar bills. :)