Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tell me again. Why do I have a pets?

Remember this cute little guy?  Remember how he is actually the most destructive cat I have ever encountered?  Well people, he did it again.  This adorable little fur ball turned my morning into quite the affair. Granted, it wasn't all his fault.  This morning was rough all around, but he surly kicked my "bad morning" into "hellish morning".
Also, every time I see that bathroom window I cringe.  I am SO glad we moved!
For starters, Dean is out of town for a few days, so my routine is all ready thrown off.  When I woke up I realized that the bed smelled like pee, even though it was dry (a mystery I still haven't solved).  And Faust of course did not stay at the foot of the bed like he should have.  So, I didn't even get to enjoy one round with the snooze button before I had to start stripping the bed.

Then I take Faust for his morning walk.  The whole time he refuses to "do his business".  He had successfully completed number 1, and seemed like he was ready to go in.  So, I figured he was done.  Nope.  As soon as I get his leash off  he hides in the bedroom and squats faster than I could stop him and get him back outside.  Really, dude?

And we thought puppy class would help us

Finally, I am able to get in the shower and into my normal get ready routine.  Everything seems fine until I walk into the kitchen to make my coffee. Then I see it. The biggest mess any of my animals have ever made.

This past weekend I was able to get a few bags of cat litter for free (yes, I am awesome at working sales and using coupons).  It was not the brand we normally get, but I can't say no to free.  The litter just came in plastic bags instead of the hard plastic tubs we are used to.  But, we didn't think anything of it.  We just put in on the floor of the pantry like all the other litter.

Well, wimpy decided to claw open the bags and get litter everywhere!  Not only was the litter all over the place, but he used it too! (Hence the lack of photo).  So Basically, the floor of my pantry was used as a giant litter box.  I knew I had to clean it up immediately or it would be ten times worse when I got home.

Somehow I managed to make it to work on time.  Granted, I have no makeup on and my hair isn't even blow dried, but I'm here.  I really do love my animals, but I like them more when they are not destroying my home.  If my morning is any indication of how the rest of my day will go, please just send me home now.  Thanks.


  1. HAHAHA!!! That is HILARIOUS. He used the spilled litter, too? Oh man. That is a terrible morning.

  2. I've always thought that it's a good thing for the sake of both pets and kids that they are cute!