Friday, August 2, 2013

I need a genie in a bottle (baby)

Today is the second day of August, which means that summer is coming to an end, and I am quickly running out of time to get things done that I said I would.  It also means that it is day two of the North East Blogger's Network August blogging challenge.  Today's mission: tell you what I would do with three wishes.  Surprisingly, this was hard for me.  I tend to be a more logical person (most of the time), so I was trying to come up with wishes that were actually feasible.  Then I realized that the idea of "feasible wishes" was a huge oxymoron and I should just go with it and have fun. That's when I came up with these:

1. The ability to teletransport.
Seriously, how cool would that be?   I happen to have family and friends all over the world.  I would LOVE to go see them, but sometimes plane tickets cost more than my rent and it's just not possible.

2. The ability to reverse calories.
That's right, eating an entire cheesecake in one sitting would actually make yo loose weight.  Let's face it. I am too lazy to work out.  This would be so much easier. (Truthfully, I am just too sick to work out, but that's a different post entirely)

3. The ability to know the winning lottery numbers in advance.
Because duh!  Who wouldn't want to win an extra million or two once a week?  It would make my need for wish #1 disappear. 

So, What would you do with your genie in a bottle?


  1. Those are good ones! I'd especially like the second two :)

    I nominated you for a Libester award! :)

  2. Found you on the link up. I put the lotto numbers on my list too! Can't wait to read more. :)