Monday, July 15, 2013

Sometimes I cannot keep my mouth shut

I have tried to keep my thoughts regarding the Zimmerman case to myself, but since it is so hard to get away from this topic, I just can'y bite my tongue anymore.   So, I am going on a little rant. My opinions may be controversial and different from yours.  That's okay.  If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. Given my recent experience with Jury Duty, I won't be making an assumption of guilty or not guilty, I wasn't a juror and I wasn't able to see all of the evidence.  I have my belief, of course, just like to rest of you. 

 A couple thoughts about all this racial stoking going on: many black leaders would like to see Zimmerman put in jail over this, but they say diddly squat about black unemployment, especially with young people, which is ridiculously high. What about all the gangs in Chicago that black teens join because they have no hope? What about our failed government school system, which is spitting out people like the prosecution's star witness Rachel Jeantel, a black 19 year old who needed help writing a letter and couldn't read it back? What about kids like her who can't read and write?!?! Sharpton, Jackson and others would rather see a fake white man go to jail than help one of their so-called own who has her whole life still ahead of her!! With leadership like that, the black community will never rise to meet their amazing potential. So instead of complaining that Zimmerman is free, I have a better idea: dump Sharpton, dump Jackson, dump Obama and the fake black accents he uses only in front of black audiences, and let new leaders rise to the top who actually give two craps about you.
2 more thoughts on racism: 1) Zimmerman's own parents weren't allowed in the courtroom. I believe this is because the prosecution didn't want the jury to see that his mom was full Peruvian. Is that not racist?! And if you think I'm wrong, please - tell me your excuse for why they were left out while Martin's parents were in, because I don't think there is one. 2) Jeantel (Martin's friend, star witness for prosecution), in the courtroom, repeated Martin's words that night: there's a "creepy-ass cracker" following me. Is that not racist? IS THAT NOT RACIST?!?!

One last thought: I agree that it is absolutely tragic that a young man is dead whom his family will never have back. Trayvon Martin's autopsy showed he had THC in his system that night (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) (by the way, that evidence was NOT allowed in the courtroom!). In texts, Martin spoke highly of drugs. He also complained in texts that his mom was thinking of kicking him out of the house. (None of those texts were allowed as evidence, either.) Martin was a young man who experienced a tragic death, but between the drugs and other troublesome behavior, it was only a matter of time before a tragedy occurred.  I know that is a harsh statement, but I believe it is the truth. Let this be a reminder to us all that no matter what, trouble is stupidity's shadow: it will always follow. Between the THC, photos of a bloodied Zimmerman, eyewitness accounts with clothing descriptions which would indicate Martin was physically on top of Zimmerman in the fight, I believe Martin was the aggressor in the situation. And if Martin hadn't run into (pummeled) Zimmerman that night, maybe he would have found someone who didn't have a gun (i.e. someone who couldn't defend himself), and if Martin had been able to kill that person, we would never have found out about it because apparently black-on-black or black-on-whatever crime isn't a "hate crime" - it's just those pesky "creepy-ass cracker" fake white people (or the real ones) who can commit hate crimes. My final opinion: all violent crime is a "hate crime," no matter your complexion. It's just the non-black on black crimes that get all the attention.

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  1. I could NOT agree more. This entire thing has made me FURIOUS. I've had to stay far away from twitter and the news because it's so one-sided and I can't take it.