Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All I want to do is watch Boy meets World!

I feel like Cory and Topanga have made a huge come back this year.  I mean, why wouldn't they? I know I am not the only one who learned some of the best life lessons in those amazing 20-some-odd-minute time frames.  So with all this talk about the new Disney Spin off, I would like to relive some of my adolescents and watch an episode (or 50) after work.  But can I?  No.  Because I don't have cable and Netflix is stupid. If I want to Watch Boy Meets World through  them, I have to upgrade my account and watch it on DVDs.

Netflix and I have always had a love hate relationship.  I love the convenience of the instant streaming and the ability to show a toddler some curious George on my phone has saved me on many a babysitting adventure.   But I don't like that certain shows are not available, or only available on DVD (like Boy Meets World, Dexter, or Chuck).  This isn't  the first time this has happen to me.  There has been many Saturday mornings that I have plopped my fanny on the couch and searched for my favorite old school show, only to be disappointed.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement is not availble on Netflix at all.  Period.  Even if I updated my account and was willing to wait days for my DVD, I couldn't re-live my school girl crush on JTT.


I know this my be a less popular show for my age bracket, but I still miss it.  I would watch this with my grandfather, and then my mother after he passed away.  So to me, it's something worth watching.


This is an instant pick me up on a bad day.  Most of the time I am not able to tell when I will have a bad day.  So, how will I know to get my DVD in the mail?  This definitely needs to be available on instant streaming.

Gilmore Girls

Pretty Much the story of my life only with better looking people and a higher GPA.  Luckily, I have the first season on DVD and a BFF who owns the whole series on DVD.  

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Really Netflix?!?  Really!!??  Do I even have to explain why this should be available to stream instantly?!  Come on, Netflix!  Get it together!

So, now that I am done ranting. can any one tell me where I can watch Boy Meets World for free online?

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