Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nothing like a good game of tag.... like old school Myspace.

Kayla from Green Mountain Couple as tagged me in this pretty snazzy questionnaire.  Just in time too, because I am running low on motivation and creativity.  Work is crazy this week ad CC left for vacation today (I can't decide if I am happy about that or not).

Any-who-how-hay, here is how this little game works:  You answer the 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked.  You tag 11 people and ask them 11 new questions.   I enjoy these posts because it's a good way to learn more about the person behind the blog.

Ready, Set, Go!

1)  Describe yourself in 5 words.
Technically this isn't a question, but I will participate anyway.  5 words: A quirky girl that dances.

2)  What is your favorite aspect of blogging?
Well, I started blogging as a way to have something that was "mine" to help me not lose sight of the things that make me me.  I never expected to make friends through the internet and it not be creepy (yes, I know every blogger says that).  I would have to say those are the things that keep me going.

3)  Would you ever lead a "Prepping Lifestyle"?
If I had the means to do so probably yes.  At the moment, we live in an apartment in the city and we don't really have the room to have a stock pile.

4)  Where do you see your bog in 5 years?
Truthfully, I haven't thought that far ahead.  IF I am still blogging in 5 years, this little corner of the web will most likely me a mommy blog. (admit it, half of  you would say the same  thing!)

5)  What is the best tip you have ever received on how to get healthy?
 I would have to say the best advice I have gotten on this subject is that everyone is different and you shouldn't compare yourself to other people, but to yourself.  Are you the best YOU you can be?  Than that's all that matters.

6)  Nail polish or makeup?  Which are you addicted to more?
Make up for sure.  the fact that I work less than two miles from a Lush, Ulta. and Sephora is a bad thing for my wallet.

7)  Top 5 favorite songs?
This is too hard for me to answer now.  I would say that I will answer later, but I probably won't.  So I won't lie to you cause that is mean.

8)   Do you have any tattoos?  If yes what?
 No, but I have a plan for one in my head.  With things like this I want to make sure I really want them before I do anything.  So in two years if I still want it I will get it.

9)  Any pets?
Two kitties and a puppy.  Don;t tell the kitties, but the puppy is my favorite.

10)  Favorite alcoholic beverage?
This all depends on my mood and budget to tell you the truth.  AT home I always have a bottle of Malibu handy and a box of wine in the fridge.  if I am at a bar I will drink cheap beer to save money.  $2 PBR anyone?

11) favorite link-up to participate in?
Hands down it;s throw back Thursdays. I currently love  the one that Bonnie from Life of Bon hosts, but there are a few TBT parties out there.

Now the rules say I should "tag" 11 other people, but I don't really feel like it.  So if you want to participate just consider yourself tagged. ok?  Cool.

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