Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bullet list

  • I am in a blogging rut and I hate not having anything to write about. 
  • My lunch today is a weird mash up of snacks from the pantry because I had no time to pack
  • I have this strange desire to go out and party like I am 21 again, but I know I will hate that choice the next few days.
  • I am kinda done with Pinterest. I am not buying a house, planning a wedding, or having a baby, so most of it is useless to me now.
  • On that note, I am kinda over Target too.  Their clothes are just not cute enough for me anymore.
  • My dog has been mastering obedience school except he will not lay down for the life of him and that is annoying.
  • If loosing your cell phone in your purse was an Olympic sport, I would have several gold medals.
  • Auto correct keeps turning my "bahahaha!" into "Bananas!!".  I decided to go with it and just use the banana emoticon.  
  • This is officially the most boring post ever and I should feel bad but I don't.
  • BUT.... good news is that CC has been surprisingly fun to be with this week,  I will take it!

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