Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I spend too much time....


  • Stalking old frenemies from high school on Facebook. 
  • Reading Buzzfeed
  • looking for the frenemies of my favorite bloggers on GOMI
  • looking at old pictures of myself on Facebook and talking my self out of an inverted bob again.
  • Laughing at my co-workers ignorance
  • Candy Crush

  • Looking for something to watch on Netflix
  • Looking for the remote
  • Walking into the kitchen expecting there to be a cheesecake in the fridge
  • Picking at my cat's nails
  • Going into the kitchen and forgetting why
  • Going in to the bathroom and forgetting why
  • Going into the Bedroom and forgetting why
  • Talking to myself
  • Sweeping the floor and then giving my dog a messy treat
  • Looking for my cellphone 
  • Candy Crush

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