Thursday, April 4, 2013

It needs to be the weekend now

I am beyond excited for the weekend.  This is not anything new.  But this time I am pumped for the weekend for reasons other than sleeping in and staying in my Pj's until 3 pm.  This weekend my Amy comes.  Amy, AKA the best (former) roommate in the world!

Amy and I couldn't be more opposite.  She is a nerdy science gal, and I... am  not.  I never set out to actually be Amy's roommate.  Amy wanted to rent the third bedroom, and I wanted to stop living in my car.  It worked out well.   We ended up living together for two years.  There were times we hated each other, and at least one full week where we literally didn't speak to one another. In the end.  They were some of the best two years of my life.

The reason Amy and I worked out so well is because we are both a little kooky.  I would come home from work and she would be sitting in the middle of the living room studying for her biochemistry exam in an old bridesmaid dress and tie-dye fuzzy slippers.  Once we ended up joining a random stranger's bachelorette party.  (man, I wish I had some photo's of that!)

We were known for having Bad Dance parties.

 We had a quote wall in our kitchen.  One of my favorites - Amy: "you know what my biggest fear about my wedding is?"  Me: "that you will have one?"  or  -Amy:  "note to self: do not play with DNA and cook dinner at the same time.  You will burn the chicken" (I told you she was a science nerd)

A few days after my wedding (in October  she moved to Boston.  Sad for me but awesome for her.  She also put together my entire wedding for me when I called her and said "hey Dean and I are getting married next Saturday.  PLEASE tell me you can be there".  She found a place for food, made us a "just married couldn't wait any longer" sign, decorated our corner of the park, and even contained my mother's crazy boyfriend   I love her.   This chick is amazing and I cannot wait to get my drink on  hang out with this lady.  Friday is going to take forever to get through!

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