Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Blog Design!

A little while back I asked for your input on weather or not I should pay for a blog design.  (Thanks for giving me such awesome and honest feedback.)  Bri from Back to Bliss (and also my "big") recommended Taylor from Confessions of a Busy Busy Bee.  Not only is Taylor a sweet heart, she makes blogs look pretty!!

After stalking her blog for a while, and checking out her portfolio, I was filling out an order form for a new design.  She got back to me quickly, and was really open to hearing my ideas.  She took the colors for my new design from one of my Pinterest finds, and wasn't happy with it until I was.  Seriously, if you want a new design for a super reasonable price, go check her out!

I guess I should say that this is not a sponsored post and Taylor didn't compensate me in anyway for this.  All the opinions are my own... yada yada yada....  Basically I just think Taylor is awesome and I am in love with my super affordable new blog design and I wanted to tell every one about it!

PS - If you noticed I haven't been around this week it's because I haven't.  I got picked for jury duty and frankly, that is exhausting!  Hopefully, I will be back in the game by Tuesday.  Be ready for a post full of my thoughts on the NYS judical system, and how to get out of Jury duty.  It will include stories of people snoring, random outbursts, and hair styles that belong in Whoville.  Stay tuned!

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