Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 by 30 items 1-10

A while back I mention that I started a 30 by 30 list.  At the time I just listed what I was planning on doing and never really explained why I chose my list the way I did.  I have decided that I should share little more detail with you.  Truthfully, this is more to motivate myself than anything else.  I don't want this to become another list that was fun to write and forget about.  It's time to actually start doing things for me.

I will be three separate posts, with ten items from the list explained in each post.  Because really, all 30 items in one post would just be crazy!

 So here we go, items 1-10:

1. Get paid for a photo shoot
This is something that I have wanted to o for a while now.  I have dabbled a bit here and there with photography ever since I started working a retail chain studio.  I have since left that horrible job and have really missed photographing.  I received a DSLR as a wedding present and have done a few free sessions for friends.  I would like to broaden my horizons and see if I can earn enough money to be home with my babies when the time comes. 

2. Complete a 10K
As most of you know I have gimpy lungs.  My doctor encouraged me to slowly start getting back into working out.  Running is something that I always assumed I couldn't do, but I am ready to prove myself wrong.  I have completed two 5Ks in my life, but I would love to be able to say that I have run a 10K.  Now that I have the doctor's permission, I am ready to start training!

3. Become a mother (at least once)
Being a mother has always been the desire of my heart.  I would like to have my first before I reach 30.  It will happen, maybe even more than once by then. 

4. Adopt a dog
I miss having a dog SO much!  The apartment I had was simply too small for my pitt-mix, and the city I live in is very anti-pitbull (which is a shame because with proper training they are the sweetest most loyal dogs you will ever find!).  Now that we are moving to a lager place, I can start looking for a new fur baby!

5. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day
I will openly admit that this was inspired by an episode of The Bachelor.  Truthfully, it's not so much about watching the sun on both sides of the horizon.  It's more about having a day that is full of fun and being able to look back and say "that was a great day". Is that cheesy?  Well, sue me. 

6. Watch 10 of AFI's top 100 films
I love classic movies, but there are a lot of them that I haven't seen.  I haven't decided on all ten movies yes, but I know for sure that Casablanca and Singing in the Rain are on there.  (yes I know, I am missing out).

7. Take more photos and start making an annual Family Yearbook
When I was in high school I was so good at taking photos and scrap booking them right away.  College life kinda got me out of the habit and I have missed not having a way to look back on the years I have lived.  Now that I have a fancy camera, there is no reason for me to not take photos regularly.  And with all the great sites like Snapfish, making a digital book is actually easier that I thought.  I just have to keep up with it.  Better for me to get in the habit now, so that when I have children I won't be overwhelmed.

8. Loose 50 pounds and maintain it (making adjustment for number 3, of course)
I need to do this for my health.  It's time to quit with the excuses and laziness.  My doctor has given me the ok, and I no longer consider myself "sick".  Let's suck it up cupcake.

9. Read 5 books from Penguin's "you must read before you die" list
Once upon a time, I loved to read.  Now, I cannot tell you the last time I picked up and book.  Frankly that makes me sad.  Especially being married to an English major (who dies not read my blog because of my horrible grammar... and other reasons).  I may just change this to "read five books", cause that would be an accomplishment for me right now.  We'll see.  Baby steps.

10. Take a real vacation with Dean (one that gives me a sunburn)
We kinda got cheated out of a honeymoon do to my illness.  We did take a trip to Niagara Falls in February to make up for it.  But to be honest with you, when you live 2 hours from the border, the Falls are really not that big of a deal.  Not to mention the fact that everything is shut down in February.  Dean has been dying to go back to Malta since he came home almost three years ago.  I would love to go see the country he fell in love with.  If I can't go there, i am happy to just go to the beach for a few days.

And there you have it.  My first ten goals.   This is so much more doable than my last list!

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