Monday, June 17, 2013

A rant about the new job

If you are a regular around here, you know that I started a new job about a month ago.  If you are not a regular, consider yourself informed.  Before you continue reading, I have to inform you that this post may sound like I am being an ungrateful little snot.  Maybe I am, honestly I am not sure how I feel about my attitude yet.  I know that I should be happy that I have a job at all.  Especially in New York at this time.  I have stood in line at the unemployment office before and it is no fun.  So before everyone starts telling me to be thankful for my paycheck, let me just say that I feel like I may have taken a step down with this position.

Formerly, I worked for a cosmetic dental company.  We sold short term cosmetic braces to general dentist and held seminars to teach them how to use our system.  When I first got that job three years ago I loved it!  I loved the people that I worked with, and my personal skills were challenged.  After a while, ownership shifted and the company just wasn't that great to work for anymore.  So I decided to get out before it got too bad.

I took this job that was recommended to me by two of my former co-workers (both of them I highly respect).  I was promised flexible hours, fewer responsibilities and a higher pay.  Sounds awesome right?  Well, it did to me too. But here's the thing.  I literally do ONE thing... answer the phone.  If the phone is not ringing I am sitting in front of the computer reading blogs and playing Candy Crush.  Fun every once in a while, but frankly, I am bored.  Not to mention the girl I work with is sweet but... um... kinda.. slow.  We had training at the same time with the same person and I end up answering most of her questions.  Oh, and she sings to herself.  Annoying much?

Now, on a more positive note, there are things about this job I do enjoy.  In a way I am getting paid to blog, for one.  I also have a bigger paycheck, which is always a bonus.  Not to mention my commute is not even half as long so I save a lot of money on gas.  The best thing I can say about this job is that I have more time to see Dean.  I get to see him every morning now, and that is wonderful.

Overall I think I just need to adjust to a new routine.  I am also going to ask for more thins to do when my boss gets back from vacation at the end of  the week.  I think I have concluded that I am a cry baby and I should just suck it up and not complain about my life as much.

I mean, I work a mile from the mall now.  Life can't be that bad can it?


  1. My hubs has a job a lot like the one that you're describing at a very popular company in our city. It gets better. Once they learn that you are capable, they'll give you more to do! If they don't, get paid to blog!

  2. I'm sure if you ask for more tasks, they will help you out! I can see how this would be frustrating though! I'm in between projects right now and bored outta my mind!

  3. Oh my gosh...that girl would drive me nuts. That sounds exactly like my old job and working with PFF. BEEN THERE. Except I had a super lousy paycheck. I think it will just be an adjustment, and the longer you're there the more responsibility you'll get. But seeing Dean more and a shorter commute is so nice. But still, I would feel just as frustrated. I've been there. It's hard to keep your attitude in line. I hope it gets better!