Saturday, June 8, 2013

I knew better....

Than to think that I could go to the animal shelter and not adopt a dog!  

I recently found a local pet shelter on Facebook. As expected, have been stocking the page daily looking for a dog.  Thursday, I spotted a Bull Terrier named Mona, and my heart melted. She had been used as a bait dog and was still healing from her injuries.  I asked Dean if we could just stop in on our way to New Jersey and meet her.  He said yes and I tried not to get my hopes up. 

When we got to the shelter one other dog caught my eye on the way to meet Mona, but I dismissed it because we were there got her.  After spending a few minutes with  her, we knew she wasn't a good fit.  Our adoption specialist told us we could look around and play with who ever we liked.  

I asked about the little fella that had caught my eye on the way in just as Dean had wondered over to him.  His name is mouse, an 11 week old Feist mix. He was rejected by his mother and litter mates, and had had a bacterial skin infection when they first got him. Because if this he had no hair at the time, so they named him mouse (because. He looked like one) 

A few moments later we were in love and Dean said we could keep him if we kept his name. So here he is on the way to New Jersey with us (yup, we are that crazy) 

As it turns out, he is the sweetest puppy I have ever encountered.   He is so well behaved and easy to train.  I am so happy he is ours now. 


  1. He is SO cute! I wanted to send you a picture text and my phone has been dumb. Won't even let me get the message from you. :(

  2. He is precious!! I can't wait to get a puppy someday. Too cute!