Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This or That? with Whit and Erin

I had a blog post started for today, but it is not really polished.  Then I stumbled across this spur of the moment link up and deiced to hop on that train instead.  You can play to if you'd like.  Just go over to Erin and Whitney's pages and link up

Vacationing in Florida or vacationing in NYC: Vacationing in Florida.  I already live in the state of NY, and have been to NYC eleventy-billion times.  A week of Sunshine will do nicely please.
iPhone or Droid: iPhone please.  Admittedly, I am a tad annoyed with apple for making my iOS 7 take forever to download.  But, I will be over it as soon as I see all the pretty new icons. 
NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: NSYNC. They were the sound track of my childhood.
Being forced to delete Facebook or being forced to delete Twitter: Facebook, I would miss it, but I have already come dangerouly close to deactivationg my account anyway. 
Fireball or Miller Lite: I am a beer snob.  it kinda sucks for my wallet.  So that means Fireball all the way.
Full House or Family Matters: Full House.  Duh.  How is this even a question?
Dumbledore or Gandalf: This isn't even a serious comparison. Dumbledore.  Although I didn't get into Harry Potter until my early 20's.
Dying Easter eggs or Carving pumpkins: I would have to say carving pumpkins, even though Easter Eggs are more fun to me.  Just because I love fall more than spring.
NFL or NCAAF: NCAAF.  Any sport is better if school pride is involved. 
A hangover forever or sobriety forever: Sobriety.  The rare times I do get a hangover, it is hell.  I must be getting old.
January or July: July!  Summer BBQ's and beach days completely trump upstate NY's winters. 
Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus: If I am going to be forced to pick one, I would have to go with Hannah Montana because it is easier to ignore. 
Shark Week or Fashion Week: Well I don't pay for cable, so I guess fashion week.
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved by the Bell: Fresh Prince hands down.  If you asked me this question 10 years ago, my answer would have been different.
Britney or Christina: Christina has her crap together and dealt with fame gracefully.
Burrito or Burrito Bowl: Burrito bowls are so much easier to eat.
Reading blogs on your phone or reading blogs on your computer: Computer.  Reading them on my phone makes my eyes tired.
Angelina or Jennifer: Jennifer. She is my girl crush
Doug Funny or The Rugrats: This is the hardest question yet.  I will have to say Doug, because it's harder to find to watch again. 
An open mouth chewer or a heavy breather: Heavy breather. I already hear that all day from CC, so I have learned to block it out.  
Wow that was long and kinda reminded me of Myspace.  I just posted something like that not to long ago, I promise I will be a real blogger again soon.

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