Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My favorite day of the week.

Sundays have been my favorite day of the week for at least 15 years.  At first it was because my mother started going to church and I had a reason to wear a pretty dress.  As a teenager, it was because I got to see my best friends that didn't attend my school.  In college, it was because I had shorter work shift and the best cafeteria meals.  Now, in my adult years (that seems so weird to type), it is because of the amazing fellowship with awesome people and their children.

Sadly, I am not in this photo because I am taking it
Every Sunday, Dean comes home from work at about 8:20 in the morning.  I will get up and have some quite time to myself and maybe do some light house work.  Then around 1:30 (or later), we make our way over to 11 Nelson street with the pupper.

It can be chaotic to say the least.  The children out number the adults by two, and we add a dog to the mix.  Usually there is a child or two screaming, a Disney movie playing,  and the back door slamming while the adults enjoy a good beer, play cards, and discuss everything from our relationship with the Lord to our latest Dumpster Dive haul.  It is loud, but we keep coming back week after week, because this is family.

I may be an introvert, but at the end of a Sunday afternoon turned evening (we always stay for dinner when we only plan on lunch), I feel refreshed, and loved.

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