Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello people that actually read this little bloggy thing (all 5 of you). So if you haven't noticed, I kinda suck at this list thing. I'll admit it, I gave up. Truthfully I don't really have the desire to re-start. So much can change in life in 1001 days. Heck, so much can change in 365 days, or even a min if you think about it. So much in my life has changed since I first started this 101 in 1001 challenge. I would list them all for you, but that would be longer than my 1001 things. While the things on my list are still goals I would like to accomplish, I have different priorities in my life now, and they are no longer on the top of the list. When I first started, I was at a place in my life where I felt like I was just wasting away with no real purpose to my life. That may sound a little harsh to some, but it is honestly how I felt. Now, I have a completely different outlook on life and I couldn't be more thankful!

For those of you saying “but I wanted to read about your adventures!” (cause I know there are so many of you), don't worry. This blog is going to get a transformation also. Seems fitting right? So, be prepared for all sorts of wild adventures of the soon-to-be Mrs. Gootee (man that will take some getting used to).

Now, in case you couldn't tell, I am not that great at updating things all the time. They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. That means that I will have to write everyday from now until August 1st. I can tell you right now that will not happen. What I will do, is find some fun blogging “challenges” to motivate myself to write. Starting with the “15 day Challenge” From some girl at some other blog whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. (eventually I will get the blog etiquette down, but c'mon I am a newbie be nice to me) I think she has one of those button things, I can try it tomorrow?    Sarah at Life of Love.

Life of Love

So, with out further a due, day one of the 15 day challenge: 
15 Random things about you
I will try to keep these as original as possible.

  1. I am getting married in 93 days (14 hours, 35 minutes, and 42 seconds but who’s counting)

  2. I thought Dean was creepy before we started dating. I recently found a journal entry from the summer that Dean (my now fiancee) lived in the area and “clicked”. A part of the entry said “Dean, well, I am not sure what to think of Dean. I know he is weird, but I am not sure what kind of weird. I know it is not the “chop me up in the woods” kind of weird, but there is just something about him I cannot place..”

  3. I have always wanted to do roller derby but I am too chicken to do it. I mention that I wanted to start to an old co-worker of mine and now to is the “Maid of Steel” for the Rochester Roller Derby team. I am glad I can inspire others even if I am too chicken.

  4. I was a cheerleader in high school. Yup, pom-pons and all (no that is not a typo, they really are called pom-pons). I wouldn't say I was your typical “popular girl” , ditzy girl, cheerleader, but I cheered nonetheless.

  5. I am about to kill my cat for chewing my laptop charger cord.

  6. I don't really like cats, but I have one because I was lonely after giving up my dog. I now only like MY cat (on occasion)

  7. My future Mother-in-law has awesome taste and she gives me her hand me downs. I get the most compliments when I wear the clothes she gave me

  8. I am attracted to really bold and eccentric clothing styles, I just don't have the guts to wear them. 

  9. When I finally do leave this apartment, I will have to replace all but one of the mini-blinds. They have been destroyed by homeless children, or a pet (bird, dog,cat) they have all contributed to the mess some how.

  10. I have been proposed to twice in my life. I only said yes once. Dean was a waaaaaay better deal ;)

  11. thinking of 15 things didn't seem that hard until now

  12. I have three alarms go off in the morning. My cell alarm to get up, a regular alarm clock to tell my I REALLY have to get up, and an alarm on my cell to leave the house on time.

  13. I didn't learn any grammar until 9th grade (can you tell? I thought so). Even then, it was just a “refresher”. So needless to say, my spelling and grammar are pretty crap-tastic. 

  14. I like to think I am crafty. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know my way around a glue gun and all, but I would love to be even craftier. Between Blog land and Pintrest, I am bound to get better.

  15. I am really hoping that this blog becomes something that is “mine” and gives me “me time” I never do anything for me, I am constantly doing for others. I always that that was a good thing. That was until I spent the first Holiday that my fiancee lived less than 5 hours away crying in a blazing hot car simply because I was over extended. I have learned that I need something that is just me. So here we go...


  1. ;) Don't worry, I frequently say "Oh, I'm gonna use so-and-so's post for inspiration!" and then forget who I was using for inspiration and have to write a disclaimer.

    Congrats on starting the journey! I'm on Day 12 and I'm having a bit of a motivation problem, but it could be worse.

    I love that you know they're "pom-pons"! In high school, we just called them poms 'cuz we didn't like the n.

    Good luck blogging some more!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I am pretty sure I can do this. I have loved reading all of your posts on the challenge, so I thought it would be a good way to get started again :)

  2. Your first impression of your fiance is hilarious!