Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Letters

Some times a girl just has to eat her lunch in the car and blast MxPx like she is a high school freshman in her punk-rock phase again then go to her desk before he lunch break is over and write a blog post that starts with a huge run on sentence.

Dear bearded man with a Harley I met on my lunch break,
You make me miss my dad.  Thanks for letting me sit on your bike.  If it wasn't for the whole "stranger danger thing I so would have taken you up on your offer for a ride.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford to be kidnapped. 

Dear downstairs neighbors,
Full, leaky garbage bags belong out side in the big green totes that the Landlord pays for.  NOT in the common hall outside of your door for all the world to smell.  Also, I believe we now have maggots.  Thank you not at all.

Dear Friday the 13th, 
Are you the reason I am in a funk today?  I am guessing no, but it is still easier to blame it on you.  I'm sure it's not the worse thing to happen for you.  

Dear Wedding Industry.
I HATE YOU! Seriously, are you all a bunch of sadists?  I have never in all of my life been as stressed out and depressed as I am planning my wedding.  I guess only rich people can have nice things.  Oh well, I am still marrying the man of my dreams.  Even if we cannot afford a "nice" wedding.

Dear Girls weekend with Miriam,
I need you.  Thank you for happening soon.

Dear Man-a-palooza,
Thank you for happening so That I can have a girls weekend.

Okay, I am done ranting now.  Thanks for reading.  Is it 5 yet?...No?  Then please bring me an iced coffee.... or 10.

~ Katie


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