Monday, May 16, 2016

That Time I Accidentally Spent $50 on My Hair

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am pretty frugal.  I have a hard time spending more than $12 on a new outfit (including shoes).  There are always exceptions to my penny pinching (I have recently fallen down the pretty planner rabbit hole for example), but for the most part I don't like opening up my wallet if I can help it.

With my hardcore frugality (which spell check is not correcting so frugality must be a real word), it comes to no surprise that I rarely go to get my haircut professionally.  My sister-in-law is a hairdresser (and a pretty darn good one at that).  So, I generally end up having her cut my hair every third visit or so.  This would be great if she didn't live 5 hours away.  With the current set up, I get my hair cut about once a year.  This was fine before I had Paisley, but my postpartum hair is a wreck!

Last week I got sick of my frizzy, unmanageable lion's mane and decided to suck it up and pay for a hair cut.  I decided to go to a local chain that advertises walk-in cuts for under $20. I walked in, put my name down for a cut and an eyebrow wax (it had been about a year since a wax too).  The 12 year old looking hair dresser took me back, washed my hair, asked if I wanted conditioner, and got to work.  She listened to everything I wanted and did a great job.  When she was done she asked "would you like me to blow dry it for you?".  "Yeah, sure" I answered thinking about the few stores I needed to stop in before I went home.  It took her about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair, which seemed like a long time to me, but I was really enjoying the alone time, so I didn't question it.

I walked up to the counter thinking I actually looked good for once (if you didn't count the peanut butter Paisley affectionately left smeared on my shoulder).  I was trying to decide if giving her the $40 cash I had would leave her with too big of a tip when I was interrupted with "your total comes to $53"  I just kinda stood there for a second before handing her my debit card.  I was too dumbfounded to question it.  When I got back to my car I looked at the receipt.  "The works" package includes a wash, cut, wax, and blow dry for $49 and condition was $4.  Needless to say, I won't be going back there, even if I looked fabulous in the end.

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  1. It always astonishes me what they charge to do hair in our city! The place that I love is $150 for a cut & color! Obviously I don't go there now that I have kids, but sadly $53 for "the works" doesn't surprise me. Cheers to at home hair color :)