Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vocational Update

I never really followed up about the whole job situation since my post in November.  About a month after my post, my previous supervisor called me up and offered me a part time position doing some HR and recruiting stuff.  I was hesitant about working for the same company after everything they pulled, but I figured "hey, it's a job", so I took it.  My second day back I was informed that they sold the company and that the office would be closing some time near the spring, but that this time they would be offering severance packages (if you call 2 weeks pay a severance package).  Yes, I know, this seems like a plot line in a sitcom, but it really happened to me.  For the next 6 weeks the story changed consistently. From "Oh we are keeping the office open" to "well we are only keeping 2 people". I never really knew one day to the next if I was going to have a job the following week. Finally I had enough and point blank said "I need to know when I am done".  They gave me 2 more weeks and then asked if I could be available Per Diem if they get in over their head.  I laughed and said no.   

When I finally walked out of there for good I felt so relived.  I promised myself that I would be very picky about my next employer.  I was ready to find the place I could call "home".  I wanted to be able to say "well, I worked here for 30 years and figured it was time to retire".  With some guidelines in mind, I hit the job market strong.  I went on about 7 job interviews in a 3 week period.  I had a few offers that I turned down because they didn't meet my guidelines, one fall through, and some that just didn't pan out.

 In mid March I found myself in a difficult position.  I had a guaranteed offer from an organization (a nursing home) that is less than 3 miles from my house and a potential offer from a local university in Rochester with a ton of benefits.  After a stressful weekend, I chose to take the guaranteed position near to my home because the university took to long to get back to me.  

At the time, I was a little disappointed that the university job didn't work out. I was really drooling over all of the benefits it could offer.  However, after being in my job for all of three weeks, I can say that this is the best possible place for me.  The people in my department are wonderful.  The majority of employees love their jobs.  My supervisor is the most genuine, efficient, and compassionate boss I have ever had.  We have fun. Plus, I get to bring Paisley in to visit some of the elders that adore her as much as I do.   I never thought I would feel this way, but I am so thankful I was laid off. 

Oh, they also give me cupcakes for Administrative Professionals Day.  So really, what more could I ask for?

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