Sunday, April 24, 2016

Currently 1.0

Because every post needs a photo

Loving - Etsy.  I have purchased items from Etsy in the past, but I have just recently discovered how wonderful it really is.  I have gotten a lot of cute things on the cheap (including this fancy to blog design) from Etsy.

Feeling - Like I'm in a change of seasons.  Technically spring time is a change of seasons, and maybe that has influenced my emotions.  I started a new job, I'm learning a lot about myself, and over all I am ready to change some things in life. I want to be more intentional with the things I do and how I do them.

Listening to - The Giggle Bellies.  It's a station on Roku that has super cheesy music videos for kids.  Paisley LOVES it.  She points, claps, yells, and dances when it is on.  I don't put it on very often cause there is only so much annoying music I can stand.  Also, people look at me funny when I start singing "I'm a space girl, yeah, it's what  I am, I know aliens yeah they are my friends..." while waiting for the elevator at work.

Drinking - I've hopped on the protein shake band wagon.  My work schedule is odd and because of that I don't have the chance to eat lunch at a normal time, so protein shake it is.  I don't do Shakeology though.  Mostly because I am anti MLM business that force you to spam your friends via social media.  Not to mention it's crazy expensive!  I found a brand at Walmart (of all places), that works great and is affordable.

Smelling - Paisley's bubble bath.  I love evenings that Dean takes over bath time.  Especially when I am completely spent after a cranky day.

Reading -  I am Malala   Well, technically I am listening to it.  Can I say I have read a book if I listened to the Audio version?  Some times I feel like its a cop out and other times I feel like its a great solution to my lack of time.  What do you think?

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