Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The L Word

You guys, I think it's just time I come out and say it.  I am lazy. Remember when I said I was going to be more productive and write 2 blog posts a week?  Well in case you haven't been counting, that was 2 weeks ago and this is the 3rd post since then.  Why?  Because I am lazy.

The thing is, if you asked people that knew me, they wouldn't say I am lazy.  My employers have always complimented me on my hard work (by the way I was promoted last week, but that is a whole different blog post), my mother-in-law has asked me how I do so much, and my home is usually in order (as long as you don't look in the bedroom).  And while those things are great, and I am thankful for those things, I feel like just getting them done does not make me not lazy.  It just makes me responsible - which at 27 should just be expected.

I tend to ignore the solution to a lot of things if I don't think it would be easy.  For example, I was complaining about my lack of a social life.  That weekend this conversation happen:
Me: "Mary invited me to go have drinks with her to celebrate her new job"
Dean: "Oh, that sounds like fun! What time are you leaving?"
Me: "Never. I would have to put a bra on and that sucks the fun out of everything"
Dean: "so you are not going out because you don't want to wear undergarments?"
Me: "You know me so well."

I know that complaining about being lazy while sitting on the couch wishing I had a snuggie is not productive at all.  I am not sure what motivation I need to change.  But the fact is I don't like it.  I know the simple answer is "just go do it", but I feel like there has to be more to it.

To go with the theme of "lazy", there will be no photos in the post.

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  1. Hi, it's Emily from Words I Wheel By (since I don't know if that shows up here.) This cracked me up, because I can totally relate. When I was in college, my bra would come off at a certain point each night and that meant I was in for the night, so I'd get mad at my roommate for trying to drag me out after I gave the undergarment signal :)