Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Hate Scary Movies. OR The Time I Peed My Pants While Driving.

Most of my friends know that I do not like to watch very scary movies.  I never used to be that way.  In fact, I remember begging my mom to let me watch The Sixth Sense in theaters even though I wasn't old enough.   I loved suspense up until my friends decided to play a grand prank on me.

My and my Zoe girl circa 2005

It was the summer that I worked as a camp counselor, and kept most of my wardrobe in my car.  We had the weekends off, so I decided to go to my friends house and have a movie night.  All 9 of us piled into my friend's living room and started watching Signs.  This was not the first time I have seen this movie.  I also didn't really consider it to be scary.

When the movie was finally over it was late and dark out side.  I took my usual hour and a half to say good bye to everyone and didn't even notice that Bob (not his real name) was missing.  I should have been suspicious since Bob has a deer antler that looks very similar to the creepy alien hand from the movie. But, of course I thought nothing of it.

The antler looked a little something like this

I finally made it out to may car, blasted the radio and took off.  I was at least 4 miles away (passing a corn field) when all of the sudden I noticed a creepy alien hand touching my arm.  I screamed bloody murder, slammed on the breaks, pulled over, and peed myself before I jumped out of the car and screamed.  When I looked behind me I saw Bob doubled over in laughter.  He had hidden in my giant pile of clothes and waited until we were passing the corn field to pull the best prank in history. I didn't notice him because I had my music up so loud.  I was so mad at him I made him walk home alone in the dark.

And that is why I no longer watch scary movies.

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  1. That is HORRIFYING. And super dangerous as you were driving! Sorry Bob, not cool.

    -two complete wusses who never watch scary movies :)