Friday, May 3, 2013

I Wanna be a Hippie, but I Forgot How to Love.

Points for you if you understand the reference in the title of today's post (not that the points actually mean anything, kinda like in Who's Line)

Any-who, it's the third day in May, so that means today I shall tell you what makes me uncomfortable.  There are two things that come to mind when I think of being uncomfortable.  They are A) being forced to socialize with strangers and B) heated political/religious arguments (especially on social media).  Unless you are talking about being physically uncomfortable   In that case it's wedgies, hands down, but that is self explanatory so let's talk about A & B.

It may be hard to believe, but I am extremely shy.  I know that I may come across as super friendly and out going, but there is the safety of a computer screen in from of me, meaning I don't have to make eye contact or maintain small talk.  Once I warm up to you (or have a few glasses of wine, whatever comes first) I love making new friends.  I do better in small groups.  The phrase "safety in numbers"  does not really apply to me.  Random tidbit of knowledge: I drove to my Sr. homecoming dance (all dressed up and hair done) and then turned around because I was way to freaked out about the socializing I would have to do.  I spent the evening in my Pjs with my hair all pretty, eating popcorn, and watching Anne of Green Gables with my awesome home schooled friends instead. (my best friends in high school didn't go to my school.  This was crap in my opinion and I begged my mom to let me be home schooled.  She said no)

This brings us to political/religious arguments.  This has only started to bother me for the past few years.  Maybe because I actually have my own opinions now and I don't want to be force fed.  I can fully respect your opinion on controversial topics, even if it differs from mine.  However, let;s agree to disagree.  This mostly applies to social media.  Unfortunately, some people (not all) do not check facts.  Therefore, they can be easily influenced but all the hype found on Facebook or twitter or wherever.  I am glad you think that meme is cute, but it will not change my stance on gay rights, abortion, gun control, what have you.

Now that I am nice and riled up, I need to get back to work.     Speaking of work..... I gave my two weeks notice today!  This is a happy thing.  I will explain more in a later post, but for now.  I will celebrate.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I hate political/any controversial topic arguments. I just won't participate. I work for a VERY vocal person though, and as CEO of the company, he frequently sits us all down in the conference room to share his thoughts with us. Fun!

    Congrats on the two week notice!

  2. You just inspired me to give my two weeks notice. But I shouldn't. Ha!

    I enjoy healthy political/religious topics...but they mostly always take a turn for THE WORST!

    Have a good weekend!